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This page is no-longer a work-in-progress. Although it's finished, please call again. That's if you feel your feeble human frame can take the enormous physiological strain of viewing it more than once.

You know how it is. The impulse purchase of a neon light in a 'Gadget Shop' as a Christmas gift for a friend. A bored moment at home. The sudden recollection of a Judo suit in the garage... I imagine it happens time and again up and down the country. Please dear God, don't let it just be me. Anyway, it all started with the picture below, and them promptly spiralled out of control in an orgy of green lighting and face pulling. In the end I put the lamp back in it's box and handed it over without regrets*. There would, I said to myself, be other lamps. Perhaps lilac next time.

Be aware, this page may leave you feeling dirty.

Now take a shower.

The fine thanks print:
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*In the end I couldn't go through with it. He'd seen this page, and I couldn't, in all honesty, give him a gift that he knew had been in my mouth. Sorry Gavin. For Christmas I gave him a nice, drool-free book instead.