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This animation contains sounds

As seen in the past on the front page of my site, this animation was the first I felt of good enough quality to expose to an unwitting world. I could go on about the number of layers and objects... but that's dull, so I'll just point out if you (PC users) right click on it, you can stop it playing over and over and over and over and over again.

This animation contains sounds

This was used on the opening page for a bit too. The text says it all! Another experimental Flash-5 animation using many layers and reused objects to minimise the file size. Damn, isn't all this technical chit-chat fun?! Again, PC users (people with Macs, I fail to understand how you live with just one mouse button) can right click on the image to zoom in, or loop the animation.

A small advert! ;-)
Again, right-clicking on the Flash window will bring up an options box, where you can select play, reduce the play-back quality for low-spec. PCs, etc. (Note for attractive women. I don't actually like eggs, but the fried slice and ketchup looks very nice! If you want to make a good impression, I like to be served breakfast in bed... Cornflakes and toast would be lovely, thanks).

With this animation I played about with motion guides plus importing images and converting bitmaps to vector graphics. I made it, you'll not be shocked to discover, for my Wheels of Fire Page, which if you didn't know, is about my Kitcar.

Click here to see my short movie, Aylesbury, a tale of Horror. Rated PG. If you're not connected at 56k+, don't bother!

Hey! Wow! My very own short animated (silent) movie!
AYLESBURY - A tale of Horror may not be Citizen Kane, but it does use similar deep-focus techniques. Honest. Anyway, it runs quite slow on some PCs, so feel free to right click on it and select LOW or MEDIUM from the QUALITY menu. Sadly I couldn't find a happy way to add sound to the animation, so it remains in subtitle only form. So, grab some popcorn, a loud packet of sweets and put your feet up! Click on the box above or this link to run VT!

Just a little banner I made in about five minutes for my Jonathan Creek Page , which features my top quality fan fiction. A very simple animation, using just two layers. Sometimes they're right, less is more.

And above, another animation in a very similar vein... It's not as effective as the little banner, in my opinion. Again, it seems sometimes more is less.

Another fairly simple animation for one of my sub-sites. You'll find this one standing proud on my Arty Farty Page. Some nine years since drawing Ms Monroe, I've just noticed that the neck of the glass bottle that her head is in is far too small to have... Oh well, I guess that's what they call Artistic Licence. The original picture is now hanging in my bedroom.

Once used on the Index page, this is a very complex (100k+ file) navigable movie. Clicking on the images takes you to their associated web pages! For example, the Green Man takes you to the Arty Farty Page, and the photo of Aylesbury's tower takes you to the Aylesbury with Bob and Curly Page. Simple to use, but complex to make, I promise you!

The new opening page image, inspired by a conversation with a lovely Internet buddy (you know who you are!) who's also into animation. With this Flash Movie, I explored shape morphing (very cool) and translucent layered objects. It all worked rather well I think! :-)

(Oh yes, and if you're a bit dim, is supposed to be a lava lamp! [Buy Mathmos - accept no substitute])

This original 'bottom-of-the-page' banner was replaced by a new version in December 2001. The later version is just below, and features the sites new purple colour scheme which was introduced around the same time. For the record, they're both edited versions of the 'main' navigation animation from the Index page.

This is the second incarnation of the B.O.T.P banner, which was replaced by a third in January 2002. I liked the 'shooting-gallery' feel to it, and created the new one to make it even more so. The very latest version is at the very bottom of the page.

Just a quick spotty movie. Perhaps it's a teenaged animation? Anyway, it's very simple, and only took 5 sweaty minutes to create. Ah! So it is a teenager! I'd like to inform you at this point that I'm available to do Flash Animations for other peoples sites. If you need a little something to jazz up your front page, e-mail me, and let me know what you'd like! (Very reasonable rates)

And low, it came to pass that I did make an animation to promote more than myself. This little effort was written to draw attention to PC components blessed with the SCSI interface which I sell. It took all of 15 minutes to make and was, of course, a huge hit! Note: All brand names are the trademarked property of their respective owners and are so acknowledged it hurts.

Only by selling Adaptec and Intel CPUs
can you save the life of this teddy bear.

This animation contains sounds

You don't want his fluff on your conscience, do you?

It happened again! I had a change of sales role, and thus a new animation was required. As you can see, I decided to motivate a sales force of several hundred people (ish) by threatening the life of a teddy bear. I am evil personified, aren't I?

This animation contains sounds

A little groovy something for my Naked Photo Album Page.

This animation contains sounds

As the label says, this is an audio test. The names are the descriptions that Macromedia Flash 5 gives to it's built-in audio clips. It may work better if you stop (by right-clicking and selecting 'play' to halt the action) all the other animations on this page. Especially the ones with sounds embedded.

Only by selling Adaptec and Intel CPUs
can you save the life of this teddy bear.

This animation contains sounds

You don't want his fluff on your conscience, do you?

July 15th 2001. Another little Bob in peril animation for work. They really should employ me to add a bit of much needed pizzazz to their web site. As you can see, this short film follows on from the theme of the earlier Bob in peril film, entitled 'Bullet Bob'. This one I call 'Dart Dodger'. I think it's self explanatory.

In the middle of August 2001 I created a spin-off of the Dog Faced Boy Page. And this is the animation for it. I write for a magazine called INDIE... for more info, please cast your eyes furtively over my Indie Magazine Page, where you'll find lots of informative and amusing stuff.

Click here to watch a totally great animation! It is a 720k file, so be prepared to wait a while for it to download.

Please click or otherwise select the charming picture above to watch a totally fab (if I say so myself!) musical animation I made during August 2001. It's a fairly chunky 720k file, so be prepared to wait a while for it to download! You have my word that it'll be worth your while. If after watching this movie you think I'm getting good at this Flash lark, I'd love to hear praise and offers of a job doing animation from you. I will work for food. :-D

Only by selling Adaptec cards can
you save the life of this teddy bear.

This animation contains sounds

You don't want his fluff on your conscience, do you?

Another adventure featuring the now world famous Bob. This September animation is entitled 'Bob in Paris' and shows Bob in peril from objects dropped by careless French tourists. It's somewhat more ambitious and broader in it's scope than earlier efforts in the Bob in peril series, where he simply dodged bullets and darts. Or just odder.

Only by selling Intel CPUs, Motherboards and
Server products can you save the life of this
teddy bear. He can't hold his breath for ever...

This animation contains sounds. Bloody annoying sounds. Use the AUDIO OFF/STOP button to kill them!

You don't want his damp fluff on your conscience, do you?

Yet another animation with Bob. After the attack on America (11th of September 2001) I wasn't 100% happy with having Bob in danger from objects falling from a tall building, so I made this animation instead. I like the way the audio track is slightly out of sync. so that sometimes the rhythm waveforms cross. I am, as I believe I've said many times, am easily pleased. This movie also appears on the Judith's Bears of Doom Page.

This animation contains sounds
Click on the button at the bottom of the animation to play it again.

New to the front page in early October 2001, this animation is clearly inspired by the work of 'pop-artist' (which is a very unfair title as it makes him sound like a member of Steps) Andy Worhol. Andy tragically died from an overdose of peroxide hair dye. This is something I've vowed, in his memory, to never allow to happen to me.

This animation contains sounds

Top: In November 2001 I moved my site from a free-hoster ( to my own location. In a small celebration of this, I originally created this small 'day-in-the-life' animation for the new front page. It's interactive: Pass your mouse over it, it stops. Move your mouse off it, it starts again, and click on it to go into the frame structure version of this site. i.e. Text links on the left and the Index page on the right. There was once four of these animations on the opening page to play with. Getting them out of sequence was strangely enjoyable.

Bottom: In December I revisited the animation, added some sounds I found on the web to give it extra impact, swapped the mouse-over states and made it bigger (oh the joy of vector based graphics. So damn scalable!) to also more dominate the opening page. It's still only a 34k file though.

How can they ever be enough?
I guess I must try. These two animations (both a mere 115k in size) were created in December 2001 for the 'then new' Too Much Time On My Hands page. Clicking this link will let you take a look at the story behind them. This was my first experiment in Flash Video Streaming and I'm pleased with it. I suspect I'll be doing more in the future. You can hardly wait, can you?

In mid December 2001 I revamped the key animation from the main Index page (the original is still visible somewhere above) and this is the rather attractive result. It's faster, tidier and more interactive, plus it has a cool '3D-effect' on my signature. I had wanted to make it run in either direction, but found the routines for this a little tricky... for now! I will be building a rotating graphic which you can spin and turn objects as a little project in the near future, to cure my fear of these routines.

"Low, and it came to pass that I did dare to face my darkest fears, and yea, this be'eth the result"

For my Too Much Time On My Hands page, this animation changes direction at the click of a button. It may not sound like a big deal, but believe me, it's harder to get to work right than it sounds. Also, and by-the-by, this is my first animation with a transparent background. You can't really see it in action here, but it's a very effective feature on the T.M.T.O.M.H. page.

Thank you for visiting me this wonderful Christmas time!

I'd like to wish all my visitors a very happy Christmas and a fun-packed 2002. May the coming year bring you all you hope for, and then some.

Ok, I admit the animation above wasn't made with Flash. It's just two animated and one static GIF, two of which have transparent backgrounds, arranged in a table. It was made for the main Index page just before Christmas 2001 and the whole thing comes to about 12k. A nice effect from a tiny file.

Bond bugger! This fine feature from my Bond Bug-gery page allows you to view a toy Bond Bug from various angles. Clicking on a control button flips, turns and spins the image. For those of you who are interested in such things, it's Corgi Wizzwheels model from 1970ish.

For more Bond Bug fun 'n' games, and to see a larger version of this animation, visit the Bond Bug-gery Page!

A slight change of style, this one. It's a single frame 'movie' (which I think makes it more of a 'still', but that's just me) which uses buttons to make elements visible or invisible. Thus, clicking away can produce some funny (and some chilling!) results.

Go on, give it a go. What possible harm could it do?

That's all this is. Four tiny kilobytes of fun. It's been in use on the opening (or 'front', as I like to think of it) page and elsewhere on my site. And it's just 4k! It also has a transparent background, vital for the front page because of its background.

An animation about the falling standard of television for my Information Page. This 73k file was made in January 2002 and is a nice use of a layer with a hole acting as a mask. Well, I think it is, and since it's my site, it's my opinion which counts. If you have a problem with that, Click here.

Last, and yes, least, are these two small buttons from the main Index page, amongst other places. One of them would take you to this very page, and the other one will transport you to my Wheels of Fire Kitcar Page.

Th-th-th-that's all (for now) folks!

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