Judith's Bears of Doom!


Despite my relationship with Judith coming to an end in 2000 and the bears sadly moving out, I loved them all far too much to just wipe this page. Hence it continues to have a few rubbish pictures as a sad attempt to bribe your interest. Sorry.

If you enjoy this page, and I think you will, I can recommend the Aylesbury with Bob and Curly page TO OVER 18s ONLY! It's where you can see more teddy based antics, against the background of a historical overview and cultural analysis of Aylesbury, a town in Buckinghamshire, UK.

Bob & Curly. Over 18? Press here to visit a VIRTUAL AYLESBURY with these two scamps.

Above: Bob and Curly, your hosts on the adult orientated Aylesbury with Bob and Curly Page.

Judth's leg did grow back after several months.

A very poor quality photo of Judith with a collection of her fine furry friends. From Left to Right: Curly, Sox, Beany, Welly-boot-bear, an unknown brown creature, Safeway, Buneth-buneth, Piggy, Toucan and Bob... and Sark (named after the island of the same name) I think. And no, she doesn't just have the one leg.

Elvis is alive!... as a Teddy bear.

This is Elvis. So named because of his pointy collar and general air of having left the building. A newish bear who has worked hard to fit in with the others. He has a lovely woolly jumper, which he is a credit to. Well done Elvis. Ah-ur. (Do you have any idea how hard it is to decide how to spell Elvis's famous catch-noise? Ahurro? Nope. Or how about Uhurr? Oh no, she was in Star-Trek.)

Unusual suspect

As seen above, this naughty chappy is Bob, also known as The Bobster. A gangland 'hit-bear' during the 70's, he is now trying hard not to live a life of crime. However, his cheeky nature often draws him into trouble. For example he started the civil war in Angola. "Bad bear! Naughty Bear!", as Harry Hill would say. On a similar note: "What are the chances of that happening?"

Five-in-a-bed Rabbit Romp Shocker!

If you go down to the woods today... you'll not find a Teddy bears picnic, but a rabbits one! Left to right, meet the rock 'n' roll rabbit, who is simply known as 'Bunny', plus: Buneth-buneth, Nibbles, Woolly Rabbit (after the Clangers character of the same name) and a furry friend so old his given name is lost in the mists of time. We shall call him 'Pink Rabbit' for the sake of simplicity. Aren't they all lovely? I SAID AREN'T THEY ALL LOVELY?!... That's better.

Welly-boot Bear

In stark contrast from the usual 'posed', almost 'artificial' pictures of Judith's bears, here is Welly Boot Bear caught relaxing on what he believes to be a sunbed. No one has yet had the heart to tell him it's just a PC scanner. He would be upset, even though, as you can see he has gone a lovely brown colour! (It may just be mud. At this time we just don't know).

All partied out. Click for the bigger picture. "7 a.m. Woke up feeling like I never want to wake up again..."
Curly makes the same solemn promise to himself that he makes every Saturday morning. No more dancing late into the night with the bad Dollies from across the road. No more Teddy Bears picnics with tea-cups full of Vodka...

Bob, in all his loveliness. Click for the bigger picture. Here is the cheeky chappy we call Bob in all his glory. He's now been immortalised as a poster and animation campaign advertising computer things, yet he remains cool, calm and collected. Fame hasn't changed him. If you'd like to see the little film called 'Bob in Peril' that he stars in, you'll need to visit my Flash Animation Page.

Taken at Judith's patents house in Devon in 2001, here we see several naughty bears trying to escape. They were caught and severely punished.

Right: Taken at Judiths' parents house in Devon in 2001, here we see several naughty bears trying to escape. They were caught and severely punished.

Naughty Bear punishments include:

Not being cuddled.

Being placed in the fridge (or 'cooler', as it's known) for several hours.

Being attacked with a hand-held vacuum-cleaner, usually with the dreaded crevice attachment connected too.

A trip to the washing machine. This is like water torture, but with the added indignity of being hung up by your ears to dry afterwards. See the animation below for an idea how this may look:

This animation contains sounds. Bloody annoying sounds. Use the AUDIO OFF/STOP button to kill them!

This movie (which I made to promote the things I sell at work) can also be seen, along with many more of 'Bob in Peril', on my hip 'n' groovy Flash Animation Page.

Other punishments may include:

Being forced to wear an unflattering hat.

Withdrawal of picnic privileges.

Being placed in a box, in the attic, and forgotten about for 15 years before being discovered, covered in spiders, when moving home.

Sarcasm. (Bears hate this!)

Or, perhaps worst of all, Fluff poking. This is where a bear has his or her fluff rearranged by poking, resulting in an oversized head, or odd feet. There is nothing as nasty as having an overstuffed bottom, let me tell you.

I know you're very keen to meet all of Judiths' fine Bears, and believe me, there would be plenty more to come. I have been saying 'visit again in a few days and I promise even more will have been uploaded, kicking and screaming'. However, that's just not true now that all the bears (bar Bob and Curly) have gone (Sniff). You'll just have to enjoy these few images.


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